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Written by Anon.

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Table of Contents

Personal Guide
My Eve Experience
How to get stuff in Eve
My Top 5

Make Loads of ISK
Agent Mission
Trade Runs
Pirating / Scamming

Newb Guide
Create PVP/Fighter
Create Trader
Strip Mining
NPC / Pirate Hunting
Trade Routes

PART I – My Personal EVE-ONLINE strategy
Guide Book!!!


If you have not realized by now, EVE is a very addicting game.  Some people like it for a short
while and some people like it forever.  This guide is written for the player that is going to be
playing the game for longer then 3 months.  Now if you don’t plan on playing for 3 months or
longer don’t worry, there is still hope for you. Included with this guide are also the 7 newb guides
for the perfect character and the ISK money making guide. I would advise following them to a
point and really using the link for the character creation tool located at the bottom of the 7 newb
guides (if you already made a character it would really benefit you to start over and make a new
one). Character Attributes are critical…!



Just like everyone in the game I too had to start with nothing.  Now, I did have 2 other friends that
I played with for about 2 months but they got tired of the game and that left me all alone and with
almost nothing to show for it.  For months I played by my self and randomly caught other only
baddies to mine, or NPC hunt with to try and make some isk.  Nothing seemed to work. I would
never afford a BS at this rate…!  So after about 3 months of playing when I went back started
using my friend’s accounts.  Now of course I had to pay for them since they were not playing, but
it was worth it… I was addicted to EVE.  So with the 3 accounts I managed to slowly get enough
ISK to buy a battleship. Then a second until all 3 characters were in Battleships… and the ISK
was rolling in quit quickly.

Now EVE has UPGRADES like every game and with this comes new ships and abilities.  blah
blah…  To make a long story short I now have 4 EVE accounts (YES I pay for 4 accounts) and I
play 4 accounts at the same time in EVE and make over 60 Million ISK and Hour (YES I HAVE A
approach everyone can follow but it is definitely like I said for the EVE addict.

(MINING) When using my 4 accounts this is my setup.  I have 2 characters in large mining
Barges for Mining, I Character in Hauler for Hauling, And other Character in BS for Protection.  I
mine Crokite and Bisot, or Arkanor in 0.0 Space and mining ONLY these 3 don’t waste your time
on anything else. From Start you could train a new character to use a mining barge in about 3
months.  Same goes for Gallente Haller 5, and a BS to tank the Rats in 0.0 space.

(HUNTING) For this you only need 3 Accounts.  One heavy Killer in a BS ( you fly him in first to
get everyone Aggroed onto him), One Transferring Shield/Armor in a BS to the Killer, and one
guy in Hauler to pick up ALL the loot.  Most loot is normal but some is very expensive (10-30
Million ISK an Item).  You refine the normal loot and Sell the expensive loots.

(AGENT MISSIONS) LVL 3 agent missions are the best but you can do LVL 4, you just have to
be more careful, they are Harder.  Now this is just the Same as Hunting on Kill missions, you get
loot and Agent Rewards.  On Hauling missions you just put everyone into a Hauler and move the

I Do any one of this like this you will easily make 60 million Isk and hour and Make a Billion ISK
Fast.  My personal best has been Mining is the Easiest and Fastest way to make the money!!!!!


This is the easiest thing to do in EVE.  Now if you want to get anywhere in EVE you must join a
corporation.  NOW picking
the right CORP that is best for you is usually the hardest part.  Many corps are hiring, so the best
way to do is to ask around. I personal like corporations that are in ALLIANCES. This adds even
more SECRETS to your knowledge bank.  There is a CORP/ALLIANCE button on the right side
of your eve menu.  You can view all the Alliances by size. Once you find an alliance you like you can then look at all the corp. members of the alliance.  Then email the corp. over and over and
over until the accept you.  Or just choose another corp in that alliance.  I would suggest a large
corp. because they are well established and have a lot of powerful players such as myself that
are willing to help new corp. members.  I know I give ships, items, skills, and even ISK to help out
new players.

Getting into a GREAT CORP is your BEST HELP.  It well helps you far beyond what my manuals
can do!


a. Get into a GOOD CORPORATION and don’t be afraid to ask them for help!
b. Train all your LEARNING Skills to MAX and then all the ADVANCED skills to MAX.
c. Train your NAVIGATION Skills and LEARN about and USE all (BOOKMARKS/INSTAS).
d. Always BUY INSURANCE FOR your MAIN ships you are CURRENTLY flying.
e. Have fun… and remember it’s only a game.

NOTE: Stick to type of character in Game. Don’t make 1 character that can do everything unless
you plan on spending 2 years in the game.  If you want to PVP only train PVP stuff, IF you want
to mine only Train Mining Stuff.  Now you might think that is not practical.. but this is where the
corporation and its members come together and to huge operations together!

PART II – ISK Guide Book!!!


Important, before I begin: This guide is based upon my personal opinion and
experience, it might differ a bit from reality or your opinion, but then again
this is what every player made guide is like.

Things id like to talk about:
Ways of making money
My opinion and aprox amount of profit / risk.

1. Mining
Mining is both the most common, and oldest form of making money. It basically  means getting a frigate, cruiser or battleship. and fitting mining lasers on
them. Mining is done frequently by having a few miners in asteroid belts (which
are found in nearly every system) fill up cans, and then have industrial class
ships pick up the ore left in the “jettison cans”, this can also be done in
secure cans, however they only anchor in less secure systems. The reason secure
cans are being used is because of the fear of so called Ore thief’s, They’re
people in industrial ships that will come to your cans and take the stuff in
them, they cannot be shot or they will trigger concord (=police) response.
Usually the best mining ships are the ships with most gun slots (=most miners or
Mining Barges).

Frigates: The race here doesn’t matter, usually frigate pilots will mine solo,
therefore cargo hold would be nice to have. for example, bantam, probe, imicus.
Cruiser: If you have time and money to spare for the skill I would recommend getting
the thorax, this ships got 2000 m3 drone space and 5 turret slots, so defence
and mining capability are at its best with drones and 5 lasers here, a vexor or
maller would be second choice, below that most ships will have near equal mining
ability. Battleships: Most battleships have enough turret slots to be a pretty
good miner (tempest and domi = 6, arma and mega = 7, apoc = 8 ) drone bays on
these ships are all fairly enough to keep defence at nominal levels. The best
ship is of course the apoc, but the 1 or 2 more slots it’s got only insure a 12.5 or 25%
higher yield, which with skills isn’t that much of a difference (especially if
it’s the first battleship I would recommend the Armageddon since its half the price).
Mining Barges are a special skill made just for mining they are the best.

Mining can of course be done in different areas, I consider: 1.0 – 0.9, 0.8 –
0.5, 0.4 – 0.1, 0.0. of course location also means what minerals are available,
but ill keep it general (in practical terms one or 2 minerals will be missing in
each area because of the location/region the belt is located) (profits are
considering 1 indy and 1 battleship, solo):

1.0 – 0.9: These are some of the worst areas to mine in, these are often very
close to general traveling routes and will be mine by hordes of people and
strip-mined by mega corporations they’ll contain scordite and veldspar most of
the time. also there are no pirates. expect several millions per hour

0.8 – 0.5: These belts are often mined unless you find one out of the normal
routes people have, I found a few totally unmined, this can be profitable.
Common minerals are veldspar, pyrox, scordite, plagio, and in the lower security
levels also omber (0.7) and kernite (0.5). Expect a few frigate pirates, but
nothing drones cant handle. also player pirates are not to be found in these
sectors. Profits are again several millions per hour, yet more then 0.9 and 1.0,
but at a slightly higher risk.

0.4 – 0.1: STAY OUT OF HERE unless in rather large groups, in my opinion this is
the domain of the real player pirates, expect to find descent ore, cruiser NPC
pirates, but worst of all player pirates, these are people usually working in
groups of 3 or so, they will first come in with one of them, he will scan you,
by this time you should already be at a station or even docked! If you plan to
mine here, in any kind of group smaller then your whole corporation watch local
with your life. profit can be around 2 – 3 mil per hour per person if it’s mined
correctly. however against the risks I suggest going back to 0.5 – 0.8 for more
profit. or if you know how to run properly you can stay here. There are however
sentry guns at the stations so you’re safe there.

0.0: lawless space, no sentries, a players will is the law here. You can be  killed without any security hit. however in my experience as long as the
refinery and your mining spot are close to each other there is not that much
risks from player compared to immense rewards. expect 10 – 20 million per hour
or sometimes even more. the NPC’s are very powerful and 1 or 2 battleship sized
defenders are a must (or park your own tanked battleship in a safe spot).
If you’re on your own id recommend ninja mining, which basically means, get a
ship that can run properly. park an indy at a safe spot in the system, and mine
in the ship until you see pirates. once you see them, run to a moon or your
safe spot. Wait for about 10 minutes till your scanners clear and go back. Then
once the can contains about the amount your indy can carry get your indy out of
its safe spot and make it grab the stuff also bookmaking your mining asteroid is
a good idea so you won’t have to travel much.

My own favourite: 0.0 space, if you’re in a good alliance, have a good group and
dot have 2 many player pirates around this is the nr 1 way to make money,
however it’s only for the people with nerves of steel and people that live with
the knowledge they could lose a ship daily.

For anyone that does not have this and people that are simply not ready for it
yet I would recommend 0.8 – 0.5, that is if you can find a descent system.


2. Agent missions
Agent missions at the moment are one of the safest and most boring way to make
money. To start you need to climb up from a lvl 1 agent to a lvl 2 agent to a
lvl 3 agent. This can take several days.

The 3 levels all contain a different difficulty, lvl 1 is very easy and can with
ease be done in frigates, level 2 can be done in frigates but is hard. At level
3 either a battleship or a cruiser and industrial are a must.
Of course each higher level will give bigger rewards.
An agents effective quality will show the height of its rewards, this can be
raised by standing and by certain social skills. (so can the standing with the
connection skill by the way) I’d say agent are for people that like to watch television while playing
can’t find a good belt to mine in, and for people that are starting the game and
need their first frigate to cruiser and wish to do this solo.

There are 2 different classes of agents, Research and development and regular

Research and development agents will only give out rare blueprints, and are
based purely on luck, no matter what you do, it will always be a lottery, I
myself have had an agent for nearly 180 days and still nothing, others had 3
blueprints in a row. If you manage to get a blueprint you can make several (im
serious) billions selling these items overpriced (but heck you’re nearly the
only one with the print….). In my opinion its not balanced out at all because
ccp bases some richness on what is nearly pure luck. id recommend people get 1
RD agent for the sake of it, but its not a reliable way of making money. Oh  yeah, and to increase the amount of Research points (RP) you dot have to do
anything, but by doing missions you can sometimes double or triple the daily
amount (get 200 instead of 100 once).

Regular agents: They are also based on luck, and the only big profit to be made
with them is by selling the basic implants (whom give a +3 to a certain
attribute) for 12 – 15 million a pop. If you’re lucky you can get one every 10
missions, I think the average is about 30 missions. But again this is based on
pure luck, you can only get implants during important missions, which are pretty
rare. You need a level 3 agent with 6.0 standing (at least) to get implants
though. so dot expect to start of with them, it requires some work.
The rewards per missions are around 150,000 isk a pop, which is not much so I
wouldn’t go for that. There are tech 2 building components to get and sell
though. I have no idea how much this can make you extra per hour but it doesn’t
exceed mining or NPC hunting unless you’re lucky. (this is what agents are based
on though).

You can direct the type of missions you’ll get a bit by picking the right
corporations and the right part of this corp. For example, security in caldari
navy will likely get you fighting missions. however you will still get some gun
shipments, so keep that indy ready.  What I often do is have 3 level 3 agent in the
same station, so I can take all 3 missions at once and complete 3 missions where
other complete one.


3. NPC hunting/chaining
Quite profitable, try and take your abilities to the max because the higher the
more money. The most important thing here is to know your limits, don’t try to
take on spawns that are a lot higher then your own ship and ability, if you get
killed this will ruin your profits for some time. Its better to take pirates a
bit below your ability then take them to high, also chaining will mean they’ll
instantly respawn, if you had any difficulty in the original spawn that problem
might get duplicated when they spawn right after they die.

Commonly chaining is the best way for making money, however some voices say this
will be removed in the future, still I will discuss the basics:

First you skim through belts trying to find one that suits your own power, then
you’ll have to kill the entire spawn except for one pirate, this should be the
weakest one, let him attack you constantly and don’t let him get away. At first
nothing will happen but after some time (can be anything from 5 minutes to an
hour for the first respawn) the whole spawn will respawn, again you kill all but
the one circling you, then after that it should respawn faster and faster and
faster, until it will be nearly instant (right after you kill one he’ll be

You need to experiment for yourself what chains suit you, and sometimes you will
have to learn the painful way, but eventually you’ll get good at it, or ask
corpmates for advice about your abilities.
Another way would be going to a base, this is hard at first because there can be
upto 30 pirates at once, but there usually only a few spawnpoints, and them
spamming one at a time at a slow rate (this rate cannot be increased).
The biggest prize often comes in the lootcans the ships drop, but can also be
their bounties, usually you alone will be enough to chain, unless you’re going
to chain battleship pirates (0.0 space) then you might need a group, idd also
recommend shield transfer arrays for everyone in this case (with 4 medium arrays
at one ship hell be invincible compared to the enemies, even if its the heaviest
npc battleships). Profits killing npcs bs’s aren’t that high because of the
group split, but sometimes the loot is very rewarding.
npc hunting is profitable but it is risky and knowing your own limits its a
must. “exploits “: I wouldn’t call it an exploit but officially chaining is one, cant
get banned for it though.

Another one is when fighting heavy gurista’s, hide behind an asteroid, since
they’re using missiles the missiles will not hit you, and since gurista’s like
blasters, a big rock can hold them far enough not to use them.


4. Trade runs
A friend of mine used to make 100s of mils a day with them, but now that’s no
longer possible, its useful for noobs but I wouldn’t suggest doing it if your
any kind of age, I haven’t done any recently myself and if anyone can send me some
trade runs to prove me wrong ill reward this with a small isk donation, ill also
expand this part of the tutorial if I get more info. … until that time I cant
really tell much about trade runs because I lack recent experience, I can
however explain the basics:

You need an indy or another ship with descent cargo, find a place where
something is sold cheap, then try sell it at a higher price somewhere else, it
requires a lot of planning and research and is therefore time-intensive to start
with. but there is the autopilot once that’s all done. “exploits “: This used to be a
famous one, put up a large sell order for a “low” price, and a buy order (with an alt)
somewhere else (a bit far out) once someone bought the stuff cancel the buy order
and the money is all yours. … this is harder nowadays though, and finding an item
suited for this is hard on its own

5. Pirating / scamming, and
everything else god has
this generally means letting other people make money, and you take it away from
them the “easy” way, this includes scamming, pirating, gatecamping, etc.

One of my personal favourites  . Im not going to go into details about how I do
it, but lets say I didn’t exactly mine for that raven of mine. This basically
means using the stupidity of others, I will tell you people some old scams
though so you might think of your own way.

Selling shuttles for 10 million a piece, selling minerals for ridiculous prices,
putting a condor named scorpion in the trade window (they used to look a like),

Scamming is commonly done with alts, but this no longer works because people
know alts are being used and wont buy from them nowadays. Scammers can however
expect to become outcasts and can expect to no longer be appreciated if this
gets known to others. It can definitely be the most profitable thing to do, but
it will get you on more blacklists then pirating itself will.

Ore theft:
Now I have to admit prior to making this guide I wanted to know what it was
like, so I trained an alt to fly a small basic indy, within 2 days I was on the
KOS (kill on sight) lists of at least 3 alliances. This is the most hated
profession in the game, it makes about twice the profit mining normally does.
You just basically get an indy, sit in 0.5 and grab the unsecured cans of poor
miners (they cant attack without police response as of yet). Sometimes they will
attack you, with a nice explosion as a reward.

Now the real forms of pirating would of course be killing miners/npc hunters and
camping gates, most people see pirates attacking alliances, but I consider these
people to be space Vikings not real pirates (m0o for instance). This profession
can be among the most profitable around, if you’re lucky (and any good) you can
have people ejecting from their battleships to save their pods, and you can
collect an easy 30 million from most smart pilots that desire to live. Unlike
what most people think pirating is commonly done in 0.1 – 0.4, not 0.0, 0.0 is
usually filled with groups of people, this usually ends up in a fleet battle,
and not a fast miner holdup. To start the way of pirating described here you
used to only need a blackbird, but since the nerf you need a little more, you
also need to make sure friends are not to close, and you need to put pressure on
people. however blowing them up is not much profit so negotiation is a must.

Corp Theft:
Among these are the most famous, hated and richest people in eve. It means
betraying friends you’ve been with for months, and often means being hunted till
the end of the world. Some examples of these are agent shield (who corptheft
after his corp let a corpthief join, dual corptheft). and Fallzone (who stole  form the richest corporation at the time).
This is a profession most hated and it will not get you friends, even among
pirates. But it will get you immense wealth, after which you can sell ur

I hope you enjoyed this guide, may it start you on a path to many riches and
great success……. Happy Eve-Baying!

PART III – Seven Must Have Tips, Hints, and
Cheats Guide Books!!!


Making a good balanced combat character is probably the hardest character type
in the game. It requires so many different skill trees that it will take a long
time to put an accomplished one together. In this guide I will discuss the
creation of the basis for a long-term combat character.

A good combat character will have Skills in most of the following trees:

*  Electronics:- necessary for scramblers, disruptors and CPU increase and CPU
use savings

*  Engineering:- necessary for shields, amour, Power increase and Power use

*  Navigation:- necessary for speed and agility

*  Gunnery:- sorta speaks for itself really

*  Missiles:- as above

*  Ship Command:- necessary for use of different ships for different situations

*  Mechanic:- necessary for hull upgrades and repair systems

*  Learning:- necessary for attribute increases
This is far more than any other character build and the obvious comment is
“damn, that is going to take a long time and cost a lot of isk”. There are a few
shortcuts however. The first obvious one is the Mechanic skill. This is a skill
that a combat pilot should have as it opens the door to self repair modules for
hull and amour. This ability will make a combat character much more viable as
repair costs at stations are astronomical. The mechanic skill can be acquired at
character creation in one of three ways.

1-Create any Minmatar Sebiestor character.
2-Choose Military School->Gunnery->Advanced Gunnery->Gunsmith (best option)
3-Choose Tech School->Industry->

If, however, none of these are the character choices you want to make, then buy
the Mechanic skill as soon as you can afford it, but be warned, prices vary
drastically and can reach 400k+ which is a bit expensive and is not far short of
the cost of the top combat frigates. Going to Tech school and choosing Industry
may be a strange way to start building a combat character, but it does provide
you with the mechanic and engineering skills that become valuable almost
immediately. Besides which, a good combat character has four high attributes and
so will also be a very good all round character, able to turn his hand to most
other professions without much problem. A low charisma score will however always
leave the combat character at a disadvantage when it comes to social skills, but
who needs good diplomacy when you have your enemy on the receiving of that 650mm
artillery cannon 😉

The second shortcut is to do with the Learning skills.

The presumed main skills for combat are Gunnery and Missiles and these require
Per and Will. However, Electronics and Engineering are just as important and
these require Int and Mem. It is obvious that the combat pilot needs high scores
in four different attributes. Now since skill-training times are directly
dependent on attribute scores, this poses us a bit of a problem. The solution is
the Learning skill tree as time invested here can reap huge rewards in all your
other training times. I would suggest building a character with at least 10-12
Mem to start with, an even spread between Int, Will and Per and as low a Cha as
possible. Make one of your first skill purchases Instant Recall and bump it up
to level 3 or 4 as fast as possible. This increases memory and so decreases all
the Learning skill-training times. Follow it with Analytical Mind to improve Int
and then Iron Will for Will and Spatial Awareness for Per. Doing it this way it
is possible to add 3 points to all your attributes in a few days and 4 points in
less than two weeks. This will significantly decrease all your subsequent
skill-training times. The Learning skill can be used as well but the training
time benefits are not as significant as with attribute increases until your
attributes reach at least 15, or your attribute learning skills have reached
level 3 or 4 or possibly 5.

Other important skills for early on are Navigation for extra speed, Afterburners
for even more speed, Electronics to increase CPU, Engineering to increase
Powercore and Warp Drive Operation to reduce cap need for warping. Even a few (2
or 3) levels in each of these can make a big difference to your combat
effectiveness. As your combat character grows you can add more skills in Gunnery
to suit the weapons you would like to use, skills in Missiles for the missiles
you would like to use and skills in Engineering and Electronics for shield,
amour, scramblers and ECM devices.
The Electronics skill tree is geared towards sensor use, scrambler use, reducing
CPU need and increasing CPU capacity. A popular Electronics selection is
Propulsion Jamming. This requires Electronics level3 and allows the use of
Stasis Webifiers that slow down your target. Other popular modules that require
Electronics are Warp Scramblers and Target Scramblers.

The Engineering skill tree is geared towards shield and amour use, reducing
Power need and increasing Power capacity. A fully trained engineering tree is
possibly the only way of avoiding the purchase of the mechanic skill. The
benefits to shield and amour through the skills themselves and the modules that
you can operate will probably reduce your repair bills to manageable levels.

On the Gunnery skill tree, buy and purchase your small turret skills early and
then train the other gunnery skills as needed. Leave the medium turret until you
can buy a cruiser and the large turret for when you can buy battleships. I do
not think any frigate can carry a medium turret, and if it could you would have
to strip off all your other modules to meet the power and cpu requirements.

Missile Launcher skills can be bought as and when necessary. If you want to
launch long range attacks rather than engage in close quarters combat then this
is the skill tree for you.

Weapon selection is a very personal choice and weapon loadouts are so varied
that everyone will have pet loves and hates. Personally, I like the range and
damage of a 150mm railgun but the activation costs and Power requirements are
high. I also like the 200mm Autocannon for close range fighting.

In the really long term Genetic mutators, Cybernetic Implants and Boosters will
become available. The skills to use these are all Science tree based and once
again depend on Int and Mem for training. So our earlier investment in these
attributes will pay off again here.



There are a few ways of creating a trading character, and this method should
give you a very broad skill base for a trading-related career.

Remember that in EVE, the initial creation of your character really has very
little to do with the final version of your character. The EVE skill system is
so wide open that you are not pigeon-holed into a particular career path. Your
initial selections here may only have a 5% impact on the final makeup of your

Also note that this guide was made in a late beta stage, so some items may
change with time.
1) To start, go ahead and choose whatever race you wish. In an older beta
version, the Ni-Kunni Amarr had a 25% bonus to NPC trading prices. It is unclear
if that is still the case.

2) Morph your face into something you find interesting and then name your

3) In point distribution, give yourself primarily Willpower and secondly
Charisma, as it will affect NPC prices and skill training time that are

4) In ancestry, choose the most trade-centric one — then for schooling, choose
again the one that leads to the trading skills. Each race is different but I
think it is always the “middle” school — for Gallente it is the University of

5) For Department, choose business

6) For Field, choose Market Fundamental

7) For Specialty, choose Underhand Trade Practices. This will allow you to get
Black Market Trading. It is always better to get as many skills at level 1 as
possible so that you do not have to buy or find the skill packs.



Mining in EVE Online is fairly simple, using menus to execute commands just like
everything else. First, lets make sure your cargo hold is empty. Assuming you
still have your starter frigate, cargo space is very frugal at the moment, so
every unit of cargo space matters! Dump what you have at the nearest Starbase in
your hanger.
Almost every system has 1+ asteroid fields, as you venture out into the low
security systems you will note that many of the asteroid fields are plagued with
pirates just waiting to pray on the happy-go-lucky miner (that would be you)
warping into the area. You will have plenty of warnings before they actually
start doing damage. First a threats box will appear, then how many ever ships
are near you are listed in that box, a colored square next to their names.
Yellow is ok, stay alert. Orange is a little severe and you may want to think
about backing out, or at least finding another asteroid away from them. Flashing
red indicates they have fired upon your vessel, and you should leave ASAP
(unless you intend to fight the pirates and pick up some loot)

(Elizar’s note: I would advise not going up against pirates in a starter
frigate, usually only because pirates hunt in packs of 4+, you are no match for
them alone.)

Usually though you will be mining in your start sector for the first few times,
which thankfully are pirate free.
Lets talk about actually getting to an asteroid field. There are two ways to do
so, both fairly simple. The first way is to locate a triangle somewhere in the
star field around your ship, right click on it and warp to it. Triangles are
EVE’s universal map sign for an asteroid field. Another way is to locate the
five horizontal lines near the name of the sector, right click on it and it
brings up a menu of asteroid fields, starbases, stargates, planets, suns, ect..
open the asteroids sub menu and choose an asteroid field to warp to from that
menu. You will begin to see the asteroids racing towards you just as you drop
out of warp; it is a beautiful sight of gray isn’t it?

We have arrived to the asteroid field. There are several types of asteroids to
choose from. Each name can be found out by right clicking on the asteroid and
choosing the “show info” command. It will bring up a window stating the
asteroids name, and other misc. facts. If you so choose to mine this particular
asteroid simply right click it again and choose the target option (usually you
must be within 15k of the ‘roid to target, and 10k to mine). Once you have the
asteroid targeted, and are within 10k of the asteroid you can now activate your
mining laser(s). At this point I like to open my cargo hold and drag it to the
upper right hand corner, just to watch the progress of the ore filling the cargo
bay (as seen in picture one); now you can sit back, relax and watch the cargo
bay fill with precious ore. If you intend to become a serious miner, you may
want to look at investing into better mining lasers, and a more plentiful
quantity for your ships turret slots.

Speaking of precious ore, and serious miners here is a more in-depth look at the
asteroids, and the minerals they produce: There are many types of asteroids;
many produce the same minerals, while on the other hand some asteroids only
yield a certain mineral, or a better quantity of one. Minerals are extremely
important for building starships, and other space faring equipment necessary to
keep the galaxy go-round. Minerals are created by refining asteroid ore at
Starbase refineries. Here are the current names of the asteroids and their
bounty. Veldspar: usually only yielding Tritanium. Pyroxeres: yielding in
different quantities Tritanium, Pyerite, Mexallon, and Noxcium. Scordite:
yielding Tritanium and Pyerite, usually more Tritanium. Plagioclase: Yielding
Tritanium, Pyerite, and Mexallon. Those are your basic large gray asteroids. The
following are much smaller, rarer to find, and can make you a lot of money when
sold. Omber: yields Tritanium and Isogen.  Kernite: yields Tritanium, Mexallon,
and Isogen. Jaspet: yields Tritanium, Pyerite, Mexallon, and Noxcium. Dark
Ochre: Yields Tritanium, Noxcium, and Zydrine. Hemophrite: yields Tritanium,
Isogen, and Noxcium. Spodumain: yields Tritanium, Pyrite, and Megacyte. Crokite:
yields Tritanium, Noxcium, and Zydrine. Hedbergite: yields Isogen, and Noxcium.
Bistot: yields Pyerite, Zydrine, and Megacyte. Gneiss: yields Tritanium,
Mexallon, Isogen, and Zydrine. Arkarnor: yields Tritanium, Zydrine, and

Those are all of the current asteroids and mineral yields to this date.

So now that we have that out of the way, lets turn back to our mining job. Our
cargo hold is now full to the max with an ore. Now ferry your load back to a
Starbase (Elizar’s Note: I recommend book marking a Starbase in a sector and
only mine in that system for a while, traveling back to the same Starbase so all
of your ore and materials are at one hanger in one base. You cannot access your
materials on Starbase A from Starbase B). Assuming we have docked now, unload
your ore into the ‘items window’ (which is actually your personal Starbase
hanger). Once your cargo hold is unloaded, undock and go mining again. Once you
have amassed enough units of the same type of ore into your hanger you may now  use the Starbase refinery to refine your ore into minerals. Note: The minimum
number of units needed to refine a type of ore vary according to the ore type
that you are mining. You do not have to pay the base for using the facility, but
the base will take out some of the minerals you create. You also should have a
skill for refining. You should work on increasing that immediately as it
increases the yield of minerals you get back. Observe screen two for the
refinery process. After you are done refining you can use those minerals to put
towards building something, sell them via the market, or stash them away for
safe keeping for yourself, or your corporation. This my friend, has been mining

Earlier I had mentioned that if you intend to be a serious miner (the bulk of
your online time) you might want to invest replacing that gatling gun with a
second mining laser, it mines twice as faster, and so you get the job done
quicker. And with the whole long ferrying back to base process mining can take
some time. Which is another reason why you should (when getting a new ship is
possible) look for a ship with many high-powered turret slots. You will not want
a missile ship at all, be sure to read ship info bars, and check the stats, see
what kind of cargo hold they have, how fast they can go, and how many high
powered turret slots are available. If you have basic mechanical skills you may
want to look into investing in a skill called “Hull Upgrades” this allows you to
use things to upgrade the physical aspect of your ship, for example cargo
expanders which expand the maximum amount of cargo space by 5%.

Notes with the Market: The rest of the EVE community relies on you, the miners
to supply them with the building blocks to so many advanced technologies. And
vise versa, so many people will see the quality and riches of becoming a miner
and so it is your job to make sure you are the better miner. How can one be a
better miner? Know more then they do, be more polite, and fill orders. Lets
start with know more then they do: This is an sketchy situation, if you are a
freelance miner you should reach out to the fringe of space and do some recon
first, find a good unprotected roid field (or blast away pirates to make it
unprotected) where nobody else is, and keep your mouth shut, book mark the
field, do as much mining as you can implementing the techniques above with
better mining lasers, more mining lasers, a fast ship, and large cargo
holds/with expanders (some times you cant have it all though…you must decide
which you can sacrifice) and make money selling the valued asteroids, remember
if you out on the fringe of space more then likely sine its a higher threat to
you there will be more money making asteroids (possibly even new types of
asteroids not yet introduced we do not know about) If your in a corporation, I
would think about leading a mining expedition fleet, and sharing what you have
found with your corp. members. Be Polite: If your a freelancer, or the minerals
you yield are not going to the corporation and are meant for outside use, get a
group of contacts with other major corporations, visit their websites ask if you
can supply them with minerals, tell them you can deliver on (which ever minerals
you have) ask them where their nearest Starbase is, and if they want to pay you
extra you can ferry it over to them; never just leave minerals for them with out
telling them where, or why. If you’re not the social polite kind of guy, fill
mineral request orders via the advanced market. But still, be polite. If someone
puts in an order for 4000 units of Pyrite, some people will sell him maybe
15,24,67 units of pyrite and those small numbers will be scattered on the other
side of the galaxy, making it extremely incontinent for that person to get, one
day he may get fed up and find a private contractor (and hey, that could be you)
to supply him with all his mineral needs. So at all times possible fill full
orders if the guy wants 4000 and you only have 2000, go out and mine more, there
is an 85% chance his order wont be filled yet. We cant really say a lot more  about advanced mining techniques, but when we do find out more you can be sure
EVE Gate will have it first!



Strip Mining as the combination between “Speed(MINING 5) & Hive Mining(Drones)”
& cargo-ferrying.

First, a primer.
The process of “Strip-Mining” is integral to any mass-mining operation. As
Nyoshul Khenpo, Head of Mining of IAM states, “All mining is only as fast as
your fastest miner.” This wisdom is golden.

The Team. (What jobs make up a Strip-Operation)

No matter how big your fleet is, the actual miner in a “Strip Mining Operation”
is always in a Frigate or the smaller ship of your operation. (I.E if you have
industrials hauling, use your cruisers to mine)….this is CRUCIAL.

The smallest ship(s) will jettison cargo containers small enough to be
transferred in entire loads into a book-mark-warped cruiser….such a thing
allows the cruiser to simply click-drag and warp back to station…a process of
less than 3 min from station to station.

The Size-Scale. (Hauling ships per mining ships)

Use one cruiser for every 2 mining frigs 1 Cruiser, 1 Frig for every 3 mining frigs
2 cruisers for every 4 mining frigs and so on (adding 1 hauling frig for every odd number of mining

What makes a…… ?(Job Pre-Req)

-A mining ship must have “Mining 5” “Drones”, and “Mining Drone Operation”….We
suggest Probes… since at “Minmatar Frig 4” A Probe Carries 315 units..(more
than most other frigs)

The whole purpose of the mining frig is to mine as fast as possible.

Each Mining-Frig Group should have a leader.

This Leader consolidates all of the cargo containers into 1 single container…
BUT DOES NOT COMBINE THE MINERALS….just let the small batches stay separate
this assists in dragging the smaller batches out into the haulers.

Too many containers will cause so much lag you will puke.
Be kind to your self, get a “leader,” this is a position of friendly manner, no
mining frig “leader” is your boss….but being gracious to him/her for helping  in such a way is customary….in times of conflict the leader may be looked to
to usher ships back to station…if in the off time no cruiser is immediately

(War Craft 3 fans could look to the Mining Leader as the Town Bell that rings
the peasant/peons into safety….but doesn’t command, just shepherd, mining is
hard enough without having dicks barking orders at you)

-A Hauling ship should be bigger than a mining ship. So far we use Scythes (a
logical jump from our Probes, and an ability to then hand down our Probes to
newer miners…) The Scythe can hold SIX cargo expanders…such a thing makes
them slow as all hell, but much better than their original conception.

-Hauling ships must use well timed Book Marks…When first jumping into the
system… go to the CENTER of the field and “Add New Book Mark”…. such a thing
will pop you up literally with 15m of the rocks… or sometimes directly under

As a hauling ship it is your job to drag as much rock from that container as
possible, and jump right back to station…. USE CTRL, ALT, SHIFT and “dock” to
inst-dock… throw all materials into corp hangar and exit station
IMMEDIATELY… You should be able to complete 20 runs in 1 hour if you are on
your game.


Mining Grp Leaders need to make sure they are mining from the side of entry into
the field…it does no good to have the container on the opposite side of a
hauler’s entry path…such a thing especially with slow ships IS WORTHLESS.

ARM your Haulers.

If you are not going to be miners as a cruiser….well pack some fire power, if
anything happens to your crew you have a fully armed Cruiser…at times 4 armed
cruisers…ready to Slaughter idiots.

This is a key way non-busy military-skilled people can contribute to ANY mining
team… simply haul…its stupid to think of yourself as just an escort… GET
PAID for your HAULING and then use yer protection as an added bonus.

Lastly…communicate. If not all miners/haulers are in your corp… set up a new
channel… don’t be lazy about this…IRC is nice but its cumbersome at times…

Where as mining is sometimes relaxing… Strip Mining is NOT, you need to be on
the BALL… can you have fun on the ball… of course you can….but time is money
its also increased risk to your brothers mining in space waiting for you to come
back and continually protect them…

A lazy miner is not allowed in Strip mining.


Many people start out in EVE thinking they have to spend days being bored to
tears mining ore to make money.

This is not the case. Mining is the easiest and cheapest way to make some cash
but there’s many other ways.

In this article, I am going to tell you about the path I and many others have
chosen. This is a much more exciting path and often filled with danger but it’s
also a lot more fun.

This is the path of th NPC pirate hunter. While the starting ship is no power
house of death dealing, with a small investment in some cheap weapons and by
using the Civilian Shield booster you get from doing the tutorial(you did th
tutorial right?) it can be more than adequate to kill some low level pirates.

At the end of the tutorial and the first set of tutorial agent missions, a new
player should have about 15,000 isk. Take some of this cash and buy a cheap
weapon. If your ship can handle the CPU and power costs, get 2 of them.

Next buy some good ammo. Stats can be a bit over whelming at first. Try to get
an ammo that does a good range of damage but also has a low negative range

Antimatter ammo for instance does more damage than most other ammos but it has
something like a -60% mod to range. It doesn’t’t matter how much damage you do
if you cant hit a target from a descent range.

OK, got the guns, mounted, the civillian booster mounted, guns loaded and extra
ammo in the cargo hold, time to go whack your first pirate.

The best place to start out as a nOObie pirate killer is in 0.8 space. Find a
sector with lots of asteroid belts and go patrolling. Most 0.8 pirates are very
weak and are solo.

When you spot your first + in the belts, be sure to I. D. before you lock on to
it. Miners get very upset when nOObie hunters kill their mining drones. Also
some miners have combat drones out to protect them. Not good for a new player to
attack one.

OK target is identified as a hostile and locked. I used the run away and shoot
at the target as it chases me method in the beginning of my hunting career.

Get the target with in your weapons effective range. As soon as you see you are
getting consistent hits on the target, you can use the “Keep Target at Range..”
option or the “Orbit target at range” option to maintain this distance.

In most cases, players have longer weapons ranges than NPC pirates.(or they used  to in the early days) If everything gos well, the player should take very few
hits and the npc pirate should explode in a short time.

Loot the cargo container. It may have something you can use, sell or recycle.
Congrats on your first kill and your first bounty. The lowest level pirates are
usually worth 1000 to 1500 isk and the loot could be worth 10 times that!

It has been my mission since beta to prove that mining is not the only way or
the best way to make money in EVE. The best way is what’s best for you. Remeber
fighters lose ships, this is all part of the learning process and you shouldn’t
allow a minor mishap to deter you from trying again. Do however insure your
ships for the full amount before taking them on any hunting expaditions. I hope
this helps.



The market in EVE-Online is accessible while the player is docked at a station.
Once you have gathered your ore from mining, gotten some loot from pirates,
manufactured a ship, you can now either buy it or sell it at the market.

To gain access to the market screen you much first be docked at a space station.
After this, select the market icon from the group of eight large icons on the
right-hand menubar; is the fourth from the left first row. The first thing to
note on the now dropped market screen is the ‘Market Range’ section. What the
range settings do is quite simply set how far off to go to get items to display
in the market window. By default the range is set to the station you are in at
the moment. Other settings include the solar system, the constellation, and the
entire region you are in. The search will not go beyond the region. By expanding
or contracting the region display you get to see what the supply and demand for
items are at other places than the one you are currently in.

Below the region settings you will see the item category menus that include:
items, ship equipment, minerals, trade goods, skills, blueprints, and vouchers
as well as the sub-categories that belong to each of these. Once you have made
your choice as to the category you wish to see the item information belonging to
it will be displayed in the left-hand area of the market window along with their
descriptions, area prices, supply/demand information, as well as options to
access the advanced market information (covered in the next section).

To buy an item it first needs to be instock at the station you are currently at;
if it is then you click on the buy icon in the market listings and it is yours.
However if the item in question is not available locally or within your set
market range then you place what is called a ‘buy order’. What this imeans is
that you basically put out a wanted sign stating the item you are looking for as  well as the price you are willing to offer for it. The orders then become
visible to other players when they check the advanced market listings for that
particular item.

Before you can sell anything on the market it must first be moved from your
ship’s cargo hold to your station hangar. Once there you can now sell whatever
you have. Like buying, selling also works on the basis of orders. A sell order
is when you are placing products on sale for a period of time; a day, week, or

Both the buying and selling of items in EVE is dependant mostly on two things
and those are supply and demand. If there is no supply at your current area then
you cannot buy it and if there is no demand, as in buy orders, then you cannot
expect to sell it. This will be further explained in the next section covering
trade routes and the advanced market.



Trading is a very profitable thing in EVE, however it takes money to make money.
Trading is also very redundant causing you to take the same route over and over.
What you want to look for in a route is an in system double trade route. These
routes are rare and are worth looking for. Most of the time trade goods with
high costs yield a better profit and are good for trade, but they take up more
of your cargo hold. Trade routes in EVE due run out of demand, so here are a
list of key things you need to know about trading in EVE.

First when you want to search for a trade route, you go into market option in a
station. Once you have opened that make sure to select the entire region of
space your in. This allows you to search all over the region for trade routes.
Now select an item of trade goods, once picking an item click on the green
button under is image. This brings up advanced market info. You’ll see the
entire region and there will be two tabs, one says supply and one says demand.
Pretty self-explanatory and with those you can see where on the map systems that
are buying and selling. On the map you want to look for Green glowing lights on
the systems, that means the price is good. Red usually means that you don’t even
want to bother with it, but check anyway. You check by sliding your mouse over
the systems dot on the map, if you hold your mouse there long enough it shows
the systems name and price of the item and how much of it. After flipping back
and forth through the tab and you decide on a route my advice is to travel to
the buy system. Some times even when you click on the system and try to buy it
from there it gets it somewhere else.

Now if you traveled to the system and it contains many systems what you do is
pick one go to it and dock. Once again pull up advanced market info but change
your selection of region to system. This will give you a map and will show you
what stations are buying and selling. It’s a faster way then flying to all of
the stations.

Quick tips:
(1) Make sure to check your cargo capacity and the density of the object you
only wanna buy what you can hold.
(2) Always look for the double trade route.
(3) If you plan on buying something keep trading till you have more then enough
to hold your trade goods, so you don’t have to start from scratch again.
(4) Be very weary of people in the system with you, they probably know what your
doing if it is a good run.
(5) If you want to hold more cargo, cargo expanders do the trick, but you pay
for them with a slower ship.

thx all folks!


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